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A warm welcome awaits anyone wishing to come along to our rehearsals and see what we are about, with no obligation to join.

We are currently seeking new members, especially in the Alto, Tenor and Bass sections. All ages are welcome to sing in the choir from 16 to 120 years! 

We are a large choir which has all the sections you would expect, 1st and 2nd Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses.  The choir is well established, having been in existence since 1981.  Although we have many quality singers, we also have many "average" singers, who, when they come together, create a magnificent sound that all can enjoy and which can enhance those special liturgical occasions, making them more meaningful for the whole congregation. 

The Motherwell Diocesan Choir sings at many of the major services held in Motherwell Cathedral, and some choir members sing at the 5.30pm vigil Mass on Saturdays. Many of our members also sing with their own Parish Choirs on a Sunday, as the choir commitments rarely interfere with the local church services. 


Joining the choir will certainly improve, even challenge, many aspects of your musical journey through life, and will add confidence and technique when singing in your own local choirs. So what have you got to lose?


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The Motherwell Diocesan Choir is directed by John Pitcathley, and conducted by Des McLean.

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