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Choir Engagements 2019.

Event.                                                                    Date.                                                Venue.                                                                                                                                 

Ash Wednesday Mass.                 Wednesday 6th March at 7.00pm  Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral.


RCIA Enrolment Ceremony.         Sunday 10th March at 3.00pm      Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral.  

Come and Sing.                             Saturday 13th April at 3.30pm          Cadzow Parish Church, Woodside Walk,


Lenten Concert.                              Tuesday  16th April at 7:30pm       Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral.


Chrism Mass.                                   Thursday18th April at 11:00am      Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral.

Corpus Christi-

- Diocesan Procession.                      Sunday 23rd June at 3:00pm                              Carfin Grotto.

Lourdes Hospitalite Mass.               Sunday 30th June at 3:00pm                               Carfin Grotto. 


National Pilgrimage 

(and the visit of the

Relics of Saint Therese).                  Sunday 1st. September at 3:00pm                     Carfin Grotto.


Rosary Procession

and Benediction.                                 Sunday 6th October at 7:00pm                          Carfin Grotto.



Monday 23rd January 2017

Message from John P

Dear All, 

In addition to the two items which I asked you to bring to this week's rehearsal (Ubi Caritas by Durufle and the Faure In Paradisum from the Requiem) could you please bring also the anthem If ye love me, by Philip Wilby.  I've made a few copies of all of these for newer members. 

Thank  you, 




Sunday 22nd January 2017

Message from John




I forgot to tell you last week that there will be no 7:00 rehearsal on Wednesday (25 January),  as I can't be there.  The normal rehearsal will start at 7:30, and Des will take this for me.  Could you please share this information with those who don't use email?  I don't want anyone to turn up at 7:00 to find that I've cancelled.


Apologies for any inconvenience,



Tuesday 15th Nov 2016

Please log in to choir page for updated info.

Tuesday 8th Nov 2016. Message from John to choir members


Dear All,

Would you please bring the Song of Mary to the rehearsal tomorrow night.  This has now been reinstated as the Magnificat for Sunday's Vespers (at 3:00 in the cathedral).

See you tomorrow night,


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