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New Choir Members are always welcome

Can you hold a tune, and sing in key? To join the choir these are all the attributes you require, whilst a basic knowledge of musical notation is useful, it is not necessary, as many of our choristers do not read music.


If you are a member of your own parish Sunday choir, that is no problem as it is rare for the Diocesan choir commitments to clash with local Sunday services, and many of our choristers sing the liturgy in their own church choirs. 


So what's stopping you coming along on a Wednesday night rehearsal to get a feel for the choir and what it is all about? A warm welcome awaits for those of all ages from 16 to 120!. 


As a bonus, the opportunity to sing in such a large group, will enhance and help improve your musical ability as well as adding to your musical knowledge. 


If you want to find out more information please click on the button below to contact us 


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